Paper converter PALLZA

Ecological filler is ideal for filling and protecting products during transport and storage. The paper adapts to the shape of the packaging, eliminating empty spaces.




Saving time and money


Speed up the packing process

and reduce the costs associated with

costs connected with filling the empty

space in the parcel


These converters are ideal for

for separate packing stations as well

as for

in-line packing stations


100% recyclable paper
 minimises environmental impact 






PALLZA converters are designed to work compatibly with virgin paper to create a high volume filling. Converter padding can be used to protect fragile items as well as to prevent these items from moving around in the packaging. A great advantage of the cushions is their flexibility, surrounding the object to protect it from unauthorised damage. 




Converter functions

  • Automatic cutting
  • Three operating modes                                                                                                                   
  • Touch screen operation