About Us

Pallza About Us


We are a fast growing company in the packaging industry. From the beginning the most important thing for us is a customer satisfaction. As a producer we provide to our customers the highest quality of products at attractive prices in the shortest possible time. The years of our investment resulted in full production independence which was possible thanks to well developed technological and logistic background.



We specialise in the manufacture and sale of pallets and cardboard boxes, the confection of packaging papers and a wide range of ancillary products for the packaging and protection of packaged items. Thanks to many years of experience in the packaging industry, we are able to meet all the requirements of our customers.




Our mission


Environmental degradation, which is largely a consequence of the dynamic development of the global economy in the new millennium paved in consumer awareness of the necessity to undertake activities that will erode the harmful effects of human activities.


The global financial crisis that has swept through the financial markets around the world has become a flywheel for the development of ecobusiness. Consumers quickly realized that ecological also means economical. Acting in the right conviction about the need to promote pro-ecological life, we launch ecological products, 100% biodegradable.


Bearing in mind the current trends and the growing interest of the public in environmental protection, we intend to strengthen ecological awareness. On the one hand, sensitizing on current and future problems, on the other presenting the opportunities and benefits of using PALLZA products, in which companies can participate, combining ecology with economics. PALLZA products are 100% recyclable up to 7 times! What makes them products of the future!