Honeycomb wrapping paper which, when stretched, forms a honeycomb structure. Thanks to this, after stretching the paper several times and wrapping the object, we obtain a protective layer that absorbs shocks and impacts. In addition to wrapping, paper is also suitable for filling cavities - after stretching and crushing, we obtain a large volume of filler.


Offered filler:

  • It allows to emphasize the pro-ecological attitude of the company
  • It is an ecological alternative to, among others bubble wrap, recyclable and biodegradable
  • Before unrolling, it takes up little space - saves storage space (the paper is about 1.6 times longer after unfolding)
  • Gives the parcel an aesthetic, attractive appearance
  • Provides effective protection of the package during transport
  • It does not contain harmful, unnecessary substances
  • Does not dust or contaminate the packed item in


We offer the filler in the form of rolls with a width of 30 cm and 50 cm, in 3 length variants:

30 cm / 250 m (use length about 400 m)

30/100 (160 m)

30/50 (80 m)

50/250 (400 m)

50/100 (160 m)

50/50 (80 m)