The e-commerce industry is growing by several percent every year. In 2019, it covered 62% of consumer purchases in Poland. Considering current trends and increasing awareness, customers are increasingly choosing ecological solutions in every field.


ZipaK ™ is an easy-to-use, universal material for packing items of various sizes. Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The adhesive surfaces stick to each other without sticking to the item being packaged.


ZipaK ™ will improve your packaging process and preparation of goods for shipment. You will pack your parcels in a much shorter time than before, and you will be able to use the saved time in another useful way.


All of this is possible using only one type of packaging. You will no longer need several box sizes to ship your products. All you need is ZipaK ™ which adapts to the shape of your product. In addition ZipaK ™ does not require the use of additional packaging materials such as adhesive tape.

Technical parameters:

  • Available in various weights: 100, 150, 200 gsm
  • Available in rolls: width 10 - 100 cm, coil 90 meters
  • Available in sheets on customer's request
  • Available in brown and transparent version

If you are looking for an ecological replacement for foil packaging and transparency of packaging is important to you - ZipaK ™ TR is the right solution for you. It is equally easy to use and 70% transparent.