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PP/PES Strapping tapes

Polypropylene / polyester tapes (pp/pes) are the special type of tapes to fasten the load both manual and mechanical way. Tapes of this kind are characterized by a very high strength. They minimize any damage to the goods during its movement, for example during transport or handling. Polypropylene tapes are UV-resistant in sunlight, allowing the material to be protected outside. They are easy to use and fully recyclable. Pp / pes tapes are widely used and therefore they are very popular today in almost every market segment. 

Specification of PP tape:
Widths: 5 mm to 19 mm / Thickness: from 0.4 mm to 1 mm / Color: white, black, green.

Specification of PES tape:
Widths: 12 mm to 16 mm / Thickness: from 0.6 mm to 0,9 mm / Color: green, blue.


Accessories for tapes: tensioners, plastic corners, wire clips 

Another length, width and a special roll of rollers are possible to produce on customer's request.