Cardboard tubes

Tubes have a wide range of application. They are used for winding various materials (such as tapes, fibers, papers, films, labels, cables, etc.), they can be used in packaging processes (for example for packaging posters, leaflets, maps, documents as well as rods, glass bottles, carpets, etc.) as well as can be used as a construction elements (e.g., in the construction of advertising stands). In the production of tubes we use one-layer cardboard and a specially selected mixture of adhesives. This allows the tubes to meet the most sophisticated endurance requirements.

We have a following types of cardboard tubes in our offer: Straight rolled, Spirally coiled, with different cover layers, with caps closing both ends of the tube.


Inner diameter: from 17 mm to 204 mm
Wall thickness: from 1.5 mm to 18 mm
Length: up to 6000 mm