Cardboard pallets

PALLZA pallets are an innovative group of products 100% ecological, applicable wherever wooden pallets do not work due to their properties. By performing a basic transport function, they bring savings in the supply chain due to their low weight, which in practice leads to a reduction in the weight of the load, and thus a reduction in fuel consumption. The use of Pallza pallets primarily significantly affects the protection of the environment through the use of recycled paper for seven times for reprocessing.


Other advantages:

  • The PALLZA pallet is lighter than the standard wooden pallet by about 20 kg.
  • The use of a special construction combining different types of paper eliminates the need for fumigation certification, unlike wooden pallets.
  • The special design of PALLZA pallets eliminates the risk of damage to products by protruding nails used in standard wooden pallets.
  • Possibility to adjust the dimensions and strength parameters of the pallet to the specificity of the load.
  • Low weight eliminates the risk of back injuries and allows you to limit the use of forklifts to manipulate empty pallets.





PALLZA pallets are protected by a Community Certificate registered in EUIPO under No. 003835438-0001 and in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under No. W.126202